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Sara Flag: Adventure and Romance Across the Seven Seas! SARA!TM
  • Full name of flag: "Adventure & Romance Across the Seven Seas!"

  • Short name of flag: "SARA". Based on a rearrangement of the abbreviation ARAS: Adventure & Romance Across the Seven Seas. Adventure involves innovation and lateral thinking. Reversing the order of the letters symbolizes this.

  • Colors
    In the lower half: Dark Blue/Navy Blue.
    In the upper half: Light Blue/Sky Blue.
    These are the same colors as the Double Blue Ribbon of the Celebrate Capitalism™ campaign.

    The Dark Blue represents the principles, foundations, ideals of Capitalism. The ideas of such thinkers as The Big Seven: Aristotle, John Locke, Adam Smith, The American Founding Fathers, Frédêric Bastiat, Ludwig Von Mises, Ayn Rand.

    The Light Blue represents possibilites, abundance, products, prosperity of Capitalism. The musical compositions, the multinational corporations, the foods, the technology, the medicines, the novels, etc. All the things which are the result of liberty AND all the marvellous creative values that arise when Capitalism is implemented.

    The Dark Blue also represents thought, and the Light Blue, action.

    The Double Blue "duality" is integrated and in harmony. The central star, as the sovereign individual, is the agent of this integration.

  • The central star is known at the "Star of Sara". It represents the individual and individualism. That each of us owns our own life. That self and rational self-interest come first. That all thoughts and actions are the thoughts and actions of individuals. That the individual is the fundamental unit of society. That rights pertain only to the individual.

    The central star sits within the dark blue and the light blue areas. Like an island, where the Dark Blue is the ocean, and the Light Blue is the sky. Each of us is complete and self-sufficient. But we can choose to reach out to other individuals around the world, and deal with them by free, voluntary association.

  • The seven points of the Star of Sara. This is the individual reaching out across the Seven Seas. The individual values other individuals. Dealing with others is by choice. We demand our Self to be respected and we respect the Self of others.

    The Seven Seas theme is reminicent of the seven points of the Statue of Liberty crown. The Seven Seas means "all the world". To trade, travel, explore, share, learn in liberty.

    The points of the stars are also outward movement, growth.

    There must be continual striving for personal growth in both the sphere of thought and in the sphere of action. It is not enough to be a thinker who does not act, or to be a man of action without principles. Indeed there are 4 points within the Dark Blue (thinking) area. And only 3 points in the Light Blue (action) area. Thus there is a slight bias and emphasis towards paying attention to one's own thinking. But both thought AND action are vital and should work together.

  • The seven small stars. The central star does not point at random. It specifically points to other pro reason, pro freedom individuals around the world. The central star actively, even energetically, seeks out such individuals no matter where they may be, no matter what their race or nationality. The seven stars are themselves seven-pointed stars which in turn are reaching out to yet others.

    The seven stars are much smaller than the central star. Others are very important, but Self is most important. There is no conflict of interest between self and others. Each star has its own position and space.

  • Proportions. The width (horizontal measurement) is twice the measurement of the height (vertical measurement). The Dark Blue and Light Blue areas divide the flag evenly. The seven small stars line up with the seven points of the central star. They lie in a circle centered around the center of the main star. The central or main star is in the center of the flag.

  • Use of flag. This flag may be flown or displayed by any supporter of Capitalism, Freedom and Human Creativity who agrees with The Bernstein Declaration. It is one of the official Celebrate Capitalism™ symbols. No special permission is required from the trademark owner.

    This flag is FOR Capitalism, freedom, and creativity. It is not a protest flag. It should not be used to OPPOSE its opposite. Only to uphold what it is FOR. Anyone who agrees with its symbolism is welcome to reproduce SARA for private use.

    This flag should never be used as a national or state or government flag. Sara is neither pro or anti state. Her focus is personal. Her principles are Universal.

    If your organization would like advice on Sara Flag protocol please feel free to contact PRODOS by email: prodos "at" prodos.com or by phone: +613-9428-1234 (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Commercial production
    PRODOS welcomes your ideas for commercial production or use of Sara. To discuss this or for any other enquiries please contact The PRODOS Institute, the trademark and copyright owner.
    Email: FLAG "at" prodos.COM
    Phone: + 613 9428 1234 (Melbourne, Australia)
    Snailmail: PRODOS, PO Box 2156, Richmond South, VIC 3121, Australia

  • Symbol. SARA is a symbol of freedom, creativity, prosperity, individual rights. That each of us has the right and the ability to design and build our own personal adventure.

    Fly her with pride!

PRODOS Institute Inc.

The SARA flag flies for freedom! Adventure and Romance Across the Seven Seas
SARA flag flying in Melbourne, Australia, on International Capitalism Day 2003

Bill Gately displays SARA flag made by his wife, Rosemary
Bill Gately displays the world's first fully constructed SARA Flag, sewn up by the "Betsy Ross of Capitalism", his wife: Rosemary Gately

PRODOS of Australia and Sydney Kendall of the USA get married under SARA, March 14, 2004 in Melbourne
PRODOS (Australia) and Sydney Kendall (United States of America) get married in Melbourne, Australia, under the SARA Flag on March 14, 2004